a social impact production company

facilitating mindful creative practice

in the name of equitable planetary progress




Collaborating with arts institutions and artists to provide a platform for mindful engagement with today's most pressing social and environmental issues, championing underrepresented narratives and local participation in the process.


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Connecting your company to lesser-known social causes, delivering a well-suited, sustainable relationship with real tangible impact, accompanied by a high-end social impact content campaign from start-to-finish.


Producing IRL and digital exhibitions in the UK and West Africa, with a visually dynamic social media campaign and post-event outputs that ensure that the conversation lives on.


Collaborating with talented

creative entrepreneurs

working in Europe and West Africa, extending their existing line of work,  contributing to a meaningful branding campaign  and generating a financial means of investment for the next collaboration.

our philosophy


At ​Gold Host,

we are committed to world-building.

We believe

that this can only be achieved by

expanding our awareness of

the breadth of humanity.


We believe

everyone has the right to express themselves

and be heard.

Expression is the tool of world-building.

We are defined by

our pledge to the making of worlds

that place the restoration of our shared humanity and interspecies relations

at the centre of its universe.

We're here to host humanity.

Our vision

draws on the prophetically complete work of Cameroonian philosopher, 

Achille Mbembe in Critique of Black Reason (2017) 

“There is therefore only one world,

at least for now,

and that world is all there is.


What we all therefore have in common is

the feeling or desire that each of us must be a full human being.

The desire for the fullness of humanity is something we all share.

And, more and more,

we also all share the proximity of the distant.


Whether we want to or not,

the fact remains that we all share this world.

It is all there is, and all that we have.


To build a world that we share,

we must restore the humanity

stolen from those

who have historically been subjected to

the processes of abstraction and objectification.


From this perspective,

the concept of reparation

is not only an economic project

but also a process of reassembling amputated parts,

repairing broken links,

relaunching the forms of reciprocity

without which there can be no progress for humanity.


For, in the end, there is only one world.

It is composed of a totality of a thousand parts.

Of everyone. Of all worlds.

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