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Alexander Nuccio

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 18.12.54.png

Alexander is a Melbourne-born, London-based artist:


'Me is a creative weirdo; gotta do something till you die.

Relatively ready design, narrative, film, performance art, and conceptual art. Specialising in conceptual design and brand narratives.'

Alexander Nuccio

andreea ulcica


Andreea Ulcica, based in South East London:


'I mainly do art because I find it really enjoyable and therapeutic, and that has been hugely emphasised during lockdown.'

Andreea Ulcica

Emma Hanson

Emma is a creative producer, curator, collage artist and nail artist.

​She seeks inspiration from that which she experiences closely. working mostly with limbic forms and structures as well as exploring societal formations through observation and collaging her own photographic work to create new realities.

Emma Hanon



Grafiti Anon is a photographer based in London, who produces work sourced from the abundance of multiculturalism found throughout the city. 

Choosing to move between a multitude of focus points - London’s inhabitants, its various landscapes, communities and how we encompass our day to day lives - their work has a sense of urgency and spontaneity.

Their current work attempts to capture essences of the duplicities of modern living in London - the random/mundane, esoteric/obvious, beautiful/gag-worthy, joyful/pain-ridden - for the purpose of documentation.

Kate Dawson

Kate is an urban ethnographer and photographer.

​She has a PhD in urban studies, where she was able to spend a year living and researching in Accra, Ghana. Her images range from individual portraits to city landscapes, using lights in the existing urban landscape to experiment with different colour palettes.

Kate had her solo exhibition debut earlier this year with Shifting Sands - a display of photography works exploring the urbanisation of Accra. She is currently working on an installation of continuation works which will take place 2020 in Accra.

KObena ampofo


Kobena was born in Kumasi, Ghana, somewhere between midnight and 6 am on Tuesday, May 15, 1990. He grew up there and has since also lived in Accra, South Bend, Chicago, (Accra again,) and now Toronto. He spends most of his time fantasizing about what the perfect future will feel like and working to express that.


While currently working with a variety of media to determine which works best, he has found digital visual art (video, photography, and filtering/editing) to be the ideal way to communicate various ideas and stories about the multiple dimensions of his experience as a human being, from the perfectly mundane through to the metaphysical, spiritual, and imaginatively conceptual.

lily jackman


Lily is a north-London based illustrator and visual artist:

'Most of my work comes in the form of digital illustration but I have been experimenting with embroidery art more recently. I use my art as an intimate and personal outlet for my experiences and feelings in an auto-biographical yet comical exploration.'

Maciek wojciechowski


Maciek grew up near Warsaw, Poland where he discovered photography as a teenager. His first photographs were taken on black and white film and he spent hours in a self made darkroom in his parents basement experimenting with prints. With that came Maciek’s attraction to alternative techniques and love to experiment that never left him. After graduating Sociology Maciek moved to UK, where he took a Photography Course at University of Bolton. A few years later he decided to be closer to the creative hub and moved to London, where he currently lives and works. 


Maciek’s main intrests lay in people and their bodies. His approach to Nude work focusses on body as abstract notion with its form, shape, movement and place in physical world. 

mario guarino


Mario Guarino moved to London in 2000 at the age of 22 from Italy, to study advertising and mass communication at London College.

Mario has worked on editorial shoots and advertising campaigns for new and established fashion designers,  travelling extensively and collaborating with a range of international clients in London, Moscow, Milan, Paris,Berlin and Copenhagen.


His personal and fine art projects revolve around the perception of the physical and mental body, observing the relation and interaction between the outer persona and inner identity.

Nii odai


Theophilus Tetteh [Brush name, Nii Odai] is from Accra, Ghana's capital city,  As an experimental and expressionist artist, colour is one of the strongest elements in his art. Nii works on a variety of themes, including crowds, architecture, landscapes, townscapes, portraits and Ghanaian village scenes.

ruth sewell/lockdown nudes

10 - @Maverick_and_vice.jpeg

Ruth is a freelance filmmaker (adverts and short form) by day and a writer by night. Lockdown Nudes is a collective anonymous project with contributors from across the globe, including the UK, Greece and South Africa.

Sulaiman khan

Image 2.3_Lonely, but not alone.jpg

Sulaiman is a London-based, disabled/Wild/Hot AF Exploratory Storyteller and Adventurer. Creating relationships, stories, and magic.

A Continual WIP. 

Tenishia mcsweeney

4 (1).jpg

Tenishia is a freelancing mother, currently setting up her own business in London. She writes poetry as a reaction to great feelings that arise - especially during moments of change, unhappiness, or times of reflection. 

Her poetry has been published in SMEAR: Poems for Girls, as well as in New River Press Yearbook: Year of the Propaganda Plebiscites. 

toby parker rees


Toby is a writer and maker who runs the award-winning performance collective Live Beasts and the video collective Ritual Images.


He has had plays on at Bristol Old Vic, the Royal Court and The Yard. His stupid life and stupid art have been supported by Arts Council England, the Peggy Ramsay Foundation, IdeasFund and the Alpine Fellowship.

Working Progress

​Working Progress is gallery space for filmmaker Dominic J Markes of True Collectives and Adventure Cruise.


He is currently based in Toronto, Canada and is a producer, aspiring director and collage artist and is currently working on a film with no visuals.

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