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Emma Hanson

is a creative producer, curator, collage artist and nail artist.

​She seeks inspiration from that which she experiences closely. working mostly with limbic forms and structures as well as exploring societal formations through observation and collaging her own photographic work to create new realities.

Kate Dawson

is an urban ethnographer and photographer.

​She is completing her PhD in urban studies, through which she was able to spend a year living and researching in Accra, Ghana. Her images range from individual portraits to city landscapes, using lights in the existing urban landscape to experiment with different colour palettes.

Kate had her solo exhibition debut earlier this year with Shifting Sands - a display of photography works exploring the urbanisation of Accra. She is currently working on an installation of continuation works which will take place Spring 2020 in Accra.

Working Progress

​is gallery space for filmmaker Dominic J Markes of True Collectives and Adventure Cruise.



is a photographer based in London, who produces work sourced from the abundance of multiculturalism found throughout the city. 

Choosing to move between a multitude of focus points - London’s inhabitants, its various landscapes, communities and how we encompass our day to day lives - their work has a sense of urgency and spontaneity.

Their current work attempts to capture essences of the duplicities of modern living in London - the random/mundane, esoteric/obvious, beautiful/gag-worthy, joyful/pain-ridden - for the purpose of documentation.

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