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Founder / Executive Producer



Emma is a writer, qualified medical doctor, and co-founder of Gold Host. She worked as a doctor for three years, during which she pioneered a wellbeing and mindfulness course for junior doctors in her foundation training programme.


She then worked for two years as a corporate strategy consultant for KPMG, specialising in healthcare quality improvement and then freelanced for one year after this, consulting on spatial wellbeing design for big corporations.


She now writes with a focus on cultural commentary and social justice, and founded Gold Host to marry her passions for production and visual art, both of which developed while freelancing in production during 2019.


She is a two-time published co-author of academic literary papers including a research paper on medical professional wellbeing (2018). 

Her non-academic works can be accessed via her website.

Founder / Executive Producer


Kate is a postdoctoral researcher, interested in the social and environmental politics of urbanisation and resources. She holds a PhD in Human Geography and Urban Studies from LSE, where she currently works as a postdoctoral fellow. Her PhD thesis explored the socio-natural politics of sand in Accra, Ghana, set in the context of the growing demand for sand globally. Throughout her academic career, she has taught on a number of undergraduate courses, delivered departmental seminars, presented at international conferences and supervised dissertations.


Kate writes for academic and non-academic audiences and has used photography as a tool to share the findings of her research. She is deeply interested in the role of artistic practice in shaping academic theory and is developing a course entitled ‘Art of the Anthropocene,’ which will critically unravel the notion of the Anthropocene through contemporary art. She is currently working on a seminar series on the ‘Urban Politics of Covid-19,’ which will draw together scholars, artists and activists in building an agenda for more just urban futures in a post-pandemic future.

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