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Viewing the projects of BODY together and presented in such a sensory labyrinth, the audience is forced to engage with multiple works on varying levels. This allows you to realise our relationship with the body is hugely challenging, yet satisfyingly celebratory. It shows us the diversity within ourselves and how we reflect both inwardly and outwardly upon this partnership with our fleshy vessel. The body becomes worthless; simply a sweaty bag to hold our organs and, at the same time, more than life itself. All in the space of 40 minutes.

It makes me personally empathise further with the community around me, especially in the situation that abounds, with human rights at the forefront once more. It highlights the need to be introspective and more empathetic with each other when we can’t enjoy the psychical space we were once afforded due to the pandemic induced quarantine. With this period very slowly creeping towards ending we’re forced to realign our physical bodies with the outside world and thus, with each other. This, I believe, will result in a poignant reminder of how important the relationship with our body, and the body in general, truly is. The emotions we submerge ourselves in are often both reflective of our lived experiences and reflecting upon our future experiences throughout our lifetime.

We should all take heed to the lessons we can learn from examining the wondrous physical form that is the body.


We'd like to thank Alexander for his artistic contribution both to the exhibition and this response.

View the full BODY exhibition (incl. Bellis Culus Rosa) here.

View more of Alexander's works on his website.


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