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Body response: PATRICK OFOSU

In response to Kobena Ampofo's video, 'Naked' (located 04:30 min into the BODY exhibition), Patrick has penned his own poetic piece, 'Naked'; "written amidst the heightened racial injustice movement, what I had read and my noisy thoughts."

"The body is a chain ring in the continuing that is living.

If the chain ring is broken, the chain of living is broken.

The body glorifies the notoriety of one's experience."


A child. A boy. The linear journey of the son of man. Flesh adorned. Body adored.

The sightings of different hues. The beauty of the earth’s tapestry subdued.

My garments instigate a threat.

Hold on. I am no threat. Don’t shoot.

My clothing layers to come off.

Don't shoot. My hands are up.

My shades chucked. My durag unwrapped.

My tracksuit top and bottom to unravel. Stripping for your peep show.

Hang on, my underpants.

I am bare naked now. Do you see anything?

My body hue on full view. I am no threat.

For go the stereotypes and prejudices. I am walking, cycling down the streets. A chilling session, passing


An able bodied man. Unlike you officer, I possess no weapons. No substances in hand.

I am no threat. Sir, Ma’am.

Don’t call the police.

In this climate. I mean no malice.

Not to breathe. Six feet under is the end.

A black man. A human as all men.

A son, a brother, an uncle, a partner, a father.

Why does my skin hue. Be the glue, to off me with no clue?

A rotten egg in a basket. Does not equal, all eggs are rotten in the basket.

A body in a sea of bodies to exist in peace.

Everyone with their differing opinions, thoughts, perspectives and perceptions.

Our bodies, minds, spirits. In this together, one organ.

I come in peace. We have our own battles as men to contend with.

The world brings war. In the streets. In the home. For the killing.

I embrace self. I need your protection. I am a fellow human.

Naked I came. Naked I saw. Naked I go.

In this body. My time is not up. So don't force it.

An extension. Introspection to inspection. Til I, we have naturally expired.


Credits: (Words) 'Naked' by Patrick Ofosu, (Image) still frame taken from 'Naked' by Kobena Ampofo.

We'd like to thank Patrick for his artistic contribution with this response.

View the full BODY exhibition here.

View more of Patrick's works on his website.


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