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radical kinship

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Recent events remind us of the reality. A reality that racial violence is a pervasive feature of the systems we [and by we, I mean White socialities], have constructed and continue to both obey and sustain.

It can be hard to know where to direct your energy. But difficulty has never been an excuse.

I take Miriyam Aouragh’s (2019) notion of RADICAL KINSHIP as a central mode of connecting with those – human or otherwise – who we owe our energy.

Through a process of aligning ourselves with others, Aouragh sees RADICAL KINSHIP as one of many necessary dynamics of building an ‘anti-racist, anti-capitalist movement at a time when racism is on the rise.’

In this light, Gold Host is inaugurating a new page called RADICAL KINSHIP. On the page, you'll find a set of links to ongoing lists of resources to help us - and you - ally with our kin. They include funding pages, research, forums and organisations that together form just a small node in a network of the global struggle against systems of oppression, upheld by centuries of violent White rule.

Though we are acutely aware of the intersections of oppression, we will organise the pages through thematic groupings.

This page will be updated as our work here at Gold Host evolves. Please feel free to share resources with us to be posted here, through the comments, email [] or through our Instagram handle [].

Yours sincerely,



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