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We Believe

Here at Gold Host, we believe that independent artistic expression is a vital tool for building a world shaped by humanity.

We believe everyone has the right to express themselves and be heard.

- About (Gold Host, 2020)

Recent events have shown that expression is a powerful tool which can lead to change. A society united in their expression of grief, oppression and hope mobilised a global awareness that Black Lives Matter. - a movement mobilised by the need for the expression and understanding of Black Humanity within today's society.

We believe that independent artistic expression is an extension of this power. The power within us all to envisage worlds worth building for the inclusive good of humanity - for our collective evolution.

We know that the 'Art World' is one that struggles with the undeniable notions of exclusivity and collectivism, whilst also celebrating individuality and ubiquity. However, we also know that not all individualities are celebrated and ubiquity frequently falls short to high barriers to entry and success.

In providing a platform which celebrates, promotes and ensures economic independence for artists, we aim to dismantle the difficulties faced by our future change-makers and world-builders in their quest to express and understand humanity.


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